lucy ford (dancecrasher) wrote in snobfreemixtape,
lucy ford

ska mixes

one of my friends told me that she wasn't familiar with ska. obviously, i had to rememdy this problem with

traditional mix (with some rocksteady and reggae, too)

alton ellis: something you've got
stranger cole & patsy todd: miss dreamer
chuck & dobby: i don't need your love
the dreamletts: really now
baba brooks band: one eyed giant
peter tosh: shame & scandal
desmond dekker: get up, edina!
clive & naomi: open the door
susan cadogan: hurt so good
phyllis dillon: perfidia
desmond dekker: the israelites
the valentines: blam blam fever
the rulers: wrong embryo
marcia griffiths: don't let me down (i think this cover is miles better than the original)
alton ellis & phyllis dillon: why did you leave me?
lee perry: what a good woodman
eric morris: if i didn't love you
toots & the maytals: let's jump
owen gray: jezebel
phyllis dillon: don't stay away
alton ellis: how can i?
desmond dekker: 007 (shantytown)
ewan mcdermott & the vibrators: sinners got a moaning heart
derrick morgan: no raise, no praise
phyllis dillon: long time, no nice time
stranger cole & ken boothe: uno dos tres
alton ellis: dance crasher

post-traditional (second & third wave, plus some random influence)

madness: one step beyond
the aggrolites: pop the trunk
fishbone: housework
999: feelin' alright with the crew
amy winehouse: just friends
chris murray: let there be peace
hepcat: rudies all around
the specials: gangsters
the exceptions: illiterate white trash
the skolars: fightin' time!
rancid: time bomb
mu330: dropping the ball
slapstick: nate b.
madness: girl, why don't you?
the mighty mighty bosstones: the rascal king
king apparatus: michael & anne
the chinkees: run for help
operation ivy: sound system
the suicide machines: no face
the aquabats: idiot box
hepcat: no worries
the aggrolites: countryman fiddle
the clash: wrong 'em boyo
the exceptions: trailer park girl
the falcon: blackout
sublime: same in the end
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