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If Winter Ends - mixtape

So my friend and I compiled a winter mixtape for our newspaper at school and we wanted some input on what we wrote and if there are any improvements we can make before submission. It's going to be a pretty lengthy entry, so please bear with us. :p Oh, and if you want the songs on this, I'll be more than happy to upload it in zip/rar format. :D

If Winter Ends
Mixtape- n. a compilation of songs that express or convey a certain theme or image.

    The transition from autumn to winter is a phase that is most dampening to our moods  and greatly affects the way we interact with our environment. It’s not that we are a depressive duo of friends, but rather, the Californian winter is not one to dedicate good thoughts towards. Picture yourself waking up on a cold, winter day and peering outside the window but only to see the skies grey and melancholy, offering nothing to look forward to in the day. Is this the way winter is supposed to be? When we think of winter, we think of something pulled out of a Hallmark Greeting Card or a snow globe -- a bright winter scene with snow blanketing the rooftops and ground, while the house is covered in luminous Christmas lights bleeding onto the slush. The sun never seems to rise and the day is already at it’s end by four in the afternoon leaving us with feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness. In light of these festive events, we decided to compile a mixtape consisting of fourteen songs to show our deep appreciation for winter.

1. I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light - Brand New

The first line of the song signifies the transition into winter (“The time has come for colds and overcoats“)  and the longing for summer (“I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ear”) to come. The use of acoustics in the beginning of the song give it a hollow feel, like the way winter makes us feel. It also does a brilliant job portraying the endless silence of winter and how it provokes a sense of restlessness within ourselves, while not giving us the motivation to do something to change our internal turmoil. (“And the coastline is quiet/While we’re quietly losing control”)

2. Undone -- The Sweater Song - Weezer

The main riff of the song reminds us of how dreary a winter day can be, with the overcast skies and the cold, still air. The rest of the song uses a sweater as a metaphor for self-esteem, and how our self-esteem degrades as our motivation for doing things dissipates while the winter rages on (“If you want to destroy my sweater/Pull this thread as I walk away”)

3. Winter - Bayside

Bayside weaves a musical eulogy for their deceased drummer, John “Beatz” Holohan, whose death occurred in the winter. This song brings light to anti-winterists like us, reassuring that winter is only a season, a mere three-month period that will eventually end. (“I've been feeling three feet tall this month/Hardly indestructible/But the snow melts, and the rhythm still goes on”)

4. Snow Day - The Honorary Title

In this song, The Honorary Title sympathizes with our longing to see snow pile up against the streets in hopes of avoiding a day of school, and allowing us to curl up under the blankets at home. (“Please let the snow swallow the streets whole/Keep the bus from coming/Let us stay at home/So we can avoid the daily drudgery”)

5. Title and Registration - Death Cab For Cutie

The introduction of this song presents the listener with a cold and eerie feeling, almost as if snow was falling outside. Ben Gibbard reflects on an old love and the accompanying background sets the scene on a winter stage. (“There’s nothing to keep my fingers warm/And all I find are souvenirs from better times/Before the gleam of your taillights fading east/To find yourself a better life”)

6. My Town - Armor For Sleep

This song gives us an amazing burst of energy and makes us want to just go outside and run throughout our own neighborhood, or even the whole city of San Jose, just so we can escape from this winter that isn’t really a winter, but is a bipolar version of summer. (“Run though my town/Scream till I fade/Stumble around/Scare kids away/Pouring out on me/Asleep on the street/Watch my whole town/Attempt to wake me”)

7. Invasion - Eisley

Most people are supposed to be growing closer in the winter season, the cold weather uniting the family as one. Yet, the dulcet tones of the DuPree sisters imply otherwise. People tend to change and become someone who they are not, especially in this stage of life, and those people can destroy bonds formed previously. (“You will take the breath from my throat/And you would take the cherished people that I hold”)

8. Mookie’s Last Christmas - Saosin

Although it is hard to decipher between the old and new vocalist of Saosin due to their similar range of vocals, this song was performed by Anthony Green, now of Circa Survive. It also deals with the loss of a loved one (metaphorical or physical), and being in denial of their absence during the holiday season which leads to the hollow, empty feeling aforementioned. (“From throat and eyes came winter and reasons/I’m told to carry on/Sad overwhelms, my senses drown/Oh, I feel dependent/The feeling that you are honestly gone/I can’t shake it”)

9. The Lights and Buzz - Jack’s Mannequin

Andrew McMahon’s intake on California winters is sadly mistaken. Although we both respect him dearly, we have to express that winter here isn’t all as magical as he makes it sounds (at least, not here in Northern California). Yet we can still relate to the fact that even though California always looks the same, yet things like people or the temperature are still different. (“I’m coming home to lights and buzz/Streets look the same/Still nothing’s as it was”)

10. Choose The One Who Loves You Most - Copeland

Although this song has no lyrical value pertaining to winter to us, there is still the omnipresent feeling of winter in the instrumental structure. It’s simply a quiet, relaxing song, kind of like the ones you would listen to while you’re curled by the fireplace, with a mug of cocoa and enjoying a novel.

11. Night Drive - Jimmy Eat World

A sound much like the chilling winter wind starts off the song, where a lusty couple find themselves in the backseat of the car, insulated by infatuation and oblivious to the threatening weather outside. Like the previous song, the lyrical aspect of the song does not provide an overall winter awareness, but the musical portion of the song compromises for the lack of feeling in the lyrics.

12. Neighborhood #1(Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire

The introduction evokes a vision of the holiday spirit with a dash of wishful thinking integrated into the song. (“And if snow buries my neighborhood/And if my parents are crying/Then I’ll dig a tunnel/From my window to yours”) It also reminds us of young love and how people sacrifice much of their life for someone else. (“You change all the lead/Sleeping in my head/As the day grows dim/I hear you sing a golden hymn/The song I’ve been trying to sing” ; “Purify the colors/Purify my mind/And spread the ashes of the colors/Over this heart of mine“)

13. Waiting for the 7:18 - Bloc Party

Summer seems far away from this long winter, especially after the clocks have set back and has given us more hours in the day, especially after Christmas. January seems to never end as we look back and regret the things we did (or didn’t do) during the year. This song also hints at making a New Year’s Resolution  to make the most of the year. (“If I could do it again/I’d make more mistakes/I’d not be so scared of falling” ; “Just give me moments/Not hours or days”)

14. If Winter Ends - Bright Eyes

This is a perfect example on our thoughts of winter and the perfect ending to our mix, in which we hope that winter will end soon and rid our minds of these pessimistic thoughts. Conor Oberst does a lyrically profound job with this song while being blunt with his feelings towards the cold season. (“I dreamed of a fever/One that would cure me of this cold, winter-set heart/With heat to melt these frozen tears/And burned with reasons as to carry on/Into these twisted months, I plunge without a light to follow/But I swear that I would follow anything/If it would just get me out of here”)
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