lucy ford (dancecrasher) wrote in snobfreemixtape,
lucy ford


three recent mixes for friends...

symarip: skinhead moonstomp
the beatles: and your bird can sing
modest mouse: novocain stain
atmosphere: guns and cigarettes
the aggrolites: grave digger
the gaylettes: son of a preacher man
bix beiderbecke: my pretty girl
cab calloway: foo a little bally hoo
eyeda & abilities: act right
nouvelle vague: ever fallen in love?
lionel belasco: las palma de maracaibo
fats waller: dinah
defiance, ohio: hey kathleen, are you hungry?
hank williams sr: six more miles
the lawrence arms: traditional
bessie smith: me and my gin
christina aguilera: i got trouble
memphis minnie: moonshine
marilyn monroe: some like it hot
louis armstrong & his hot five: i'm gonna gitcha
johnny cash & june carter: pack up your sorrows
ruth brown: mama, he treats your daughter mean
dead milkmen: air crash museum
nerf herder: annalee
buzzcocks: love you more
the smiths: panic
jawbreaker: unlisted track

p.o.s. & slug: bleeding hearts club (mpls chapter)
metric: wet blanket
yeah yeah yeahs: cheated hearts
christina aguilera: ain't no other man
bix beiderbecke: oh baby!
defiance, ohio: the new world order
richard hell & the voidoids: liars beware
fugazi: bed for scraping
the lawrence arms: the rabbit and the rooster
the lawrence arms: traditional
hank williams sr: i'm satisfied with you
blind lemon jefferson: that black snake moan
skip james: hard time killing floor blues
memphis minnie: moonshine
louis armstrong & his hot five: georgia grind
fats waller: dinah
johnny cash & june carter: oh, what a good thing we had
belle & sebastian: like dylan in the movies
modest mouse: might
cab calloway: is you is or is you ain't?
the gaylettes: son of a preacher man
marilyn monroe: some like it hot
atmosphere: fuck you, lucy

nouvelle vague: too drunk to fuck
the aggrolites: black lung
amy winehouse: tears dry on their own
the clash: the card cheat
fiona apple: not about love
x: breathless
buzzcocks: ever fallen in love?
sundowner: steal your words
jawbreaker: oyster
giant drag: pretty little neighbor
metric: succexy
the libertines: music when the lights go out
elliott smith: single file
the beatles: blackbird
the ditty bops: in the meantime
cab calloway: hi de ho man
christina aguilera: i got trouble
nerf herder: annalee
the falcon: the celebutard chronicles
belle & sebastian: seeing other people
rocky votolato: alabaster
the gaslight anthem: red at night
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