21st century digital girl (kitschykitty) wrote in snobfreemixtape,
21st century digital girl

I think you are beautiful and I want to kiss you.

Let's bring this community into the new year! This is just a short mix to leave in my crush's car stereo tomorrow. I burnt it on one of those nifty lightscribe CDs...but it's got a picture of a cassette tape on it, at least.

Jens Lekman- Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo
Totally Michael- Summertime
Wreckless Eric- Whole Wide World
The Queers- Number One
Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Andrew Jackson Jihad- Fly my Ass
The Mountain Goats- Old College Try
Goldfrapp- Number One
Tricky- Your Name

Subtext: Marry me?
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