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For those who like their mixtapes w/o the elitism
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This community is for people who are tired of the unbearable snobbishness of other mixtape communities. Feel free to post mixes with any kind of music on it you like, with no limits on genre or record label status. Wanna make a mix tape of nothing but Dinosaur Jr B-sides? Wanna make "The Best of Warner Brothers, 1985"? Wanna make a tape that pilfers from all genres across all years in recorded music history, including everything from the Carter Family to the Chemical Brothers? Then this is the place for you.

Feel free to post tracklistings for tapes or CDs. We here at Snob Free Mixtape believe music is more important than the medium it's delivered on.

Also, feel free to post song requests or any other music-related questions you might have. And don't be ashamed to ask about any particular kind of music. If you're looking for Backstreet Boy lyrics, then a bunch of My Bloody Valentine fans aren't going to jump in and rip your head off. If you come on looking for tabs to an old Mission of Burma song, a group of Avril fans aren't going to call you a " p0sir." This is a respectful community where everyone has a right to their tastes in music and people are united by their common love for all things music-related.

What is not allowed:
-Being a snob
-Being a jerk
-Trashing someone else's tastes
-Using "yr" instead of "your"
-In general just acting like snarky junior high students

If you deliberately want to be an asshole, there are other mixtape communities designed with you mind. *cough* indie_mixtape *cough*

And if you're new, go on ahead and post the latest mix you've been spinning!

Feel free to contact me on AIM (username AnimalonCommand) or MSN (mattramone@hotmail.com) with any questions, concerns, comments, or just to chat. I'm not usually on AIM, but almost always on MSN.